Appropriate Management of Toe Fractures is Crucial


Toe Fractures can be treated with positive results when the proper care is administered. However, when they are not given appropriate care, substantial discomfort and disability may result after the fracture. This condition can occur from a severe traumatic force that may cause the toe to bend in such a manner where it breaks or fractures. The resulting pain can be severe depending on the nature of the fracture. Complications of a fractured toe can include nail deformities, arthritis or an infection. Symptoms of this condition include inflammation, bruising, discoloration, hemorrhage or swelling. The pinky toe is the most likely toe to fracture as the other toes are supported by the bones of the foot. But, the big toe may fracture if the force is significant enough. Managing this condition with due care will allow for less pain and a speedy recovery.

Treatment for this condition includes:

●       Using ice therapy to reduce inflammation.

●       Elevating the foot with the fractured toe.

●       Refraining from putting weight on the injured foot.

●       Using special shoes that protect the toes from susceptibility to injury.

●       Bandaging to help with swelling.

●       Strengthening the toe with physical therapy.

●       Using braces of casts to help keep the toe immobile during recovery.

●       Surgical procedures to repair the fractured toe when conservative methods are not as helpful.

Fractured toes can be painful and severely limit mobility since they affect how the foot grips the ground. This condition does not have to cause further complications if adequate care is seeked in a timely manner. At Cange Podiatry Inc., located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, our foot doctor, Darlyne Cange, DPM, will use the latest techniques to help your fractured toe heal so that it has the best chance of a full and fast recovery! Please make an appointment with our offices so that your toes can get back to moving freely with a pain-free experience sooner than you think!