Let’s Point Lasers at Your Toes


With the nice spring weather that has arrived in the Howard County area, many people are letting their toes out from the winter hiding. Sometimes, however, you put your sandals on only to notice that your nails are looking yellow and crumbly, a sign that you may have a toenail fungal infection.

Toenail fungus flourishes under toenails due to the overwhelming dampness and humidity that develops in shoes and socks. The fungus that causes this condition can have a foul odor, cause toenails to turn yellow, and become brittle in the process. This fungus is usually picked up from unsanitary pedicures, public swimming pool areas, gym locker rooms and from college showers.

It’s no surprise that this condition is an unsightly ailment. The longer it is left untreated, the greater the chance of the nail becoming so weak that it breaks off of the nail bed. Moreover, breaks in the skin of the toe will likely result in an infection. Diabetics must exercise heightened care as they have a weakened immune defense which can allow for toenail infections from fungus to take longer to heal and produce unfavorable results quicker than it would with someone who didn’t have it. This is why laser technology becomes so important!

How can laser treatment help?

Laser treatment eradicates fungus residing underneath the nail and is a rather quick process. This technology uses intense light beams to destroy fungi by using the light particles to pass through the nail to the source of the problem. This form of treatment goes deep under the nails where traditional topical medicated creams may not be able to reach.

Prevention is key

Taking proactive measures to decrease the warm and moist circumstances that cause this fungus to grow will be very helpful. This can be accomplished by utilizing appropriate shoes or remedies that lower sweating. Refrain from using the same pair of closed shoes on a daily basis so they are able to dry out completely before wearing.

This condition can cause many problems for toes, but with advanced technologies such as laser treatment, your toenails can be on the road to recovery in time for the summer! At Cange Podiatry Inc., located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, foot doctor Darlyne Cange, DPM, will utilize the benefits of laser therapy on your toenail fungus to treat it and prevent further infection. So, please make an appointment with our offices today!