Facts about Bunions


At Cange Podiatry, DPM PA, a condition that we treat frequently is a bunion. Although most patients can easily recognize a bunion, they often don’t know much about the cause or treatment of this foot disorder. Below are some facts about this common foot problem.

FACT: The root source of a bunion is a defect in the structure of the foot which forces the big toe to move out of place and start to drift toward the second toe. This causes the joint at the base of the toe to become enlarged and form the characteristic bump on the outside of the toe.

FACT: This poor foot structure tends to be genetic but other factors, such as wearing shoes that are too tight in the toe box or a trauma to the foot can exacerbate the condition.

FACT: Bunions are a progressive condition and need to be evaluated by our podiatrist, Dr. Darlyne Cange. If left untreated, secondary conditions such as painful corns and calluses and hammertoes may develop.

FACT: If your bunion is painful, anti-inflammatory medication may be recommended, along with icing the affected area a few times a day. The foot doctor may recommend padding to relieve pain or custom orthotics to help reposition your foot. These can slow the progression of a bunion and help decrease the discomfort associated with it.

FACT: The only way to correct a bunion, however, is through surgery. There are a number of different surgical procedures for bunions. The foot doctor will determine the best one based on your individual case. Bunion surgery is usually performed on an out-patient basis. In many instances, patients can start walking on the affected foot within a few days of surgery and return to work shortly thereafter.

If you have a bunion forming on your foot, contact our Glen Burnie (410-684-5934) or Ellicott City (410-680-8357) office to schedule an appointment to have your feet examined.