Gout and Other Ways Food Affects Your Feet


At Cange Podiatry, DPM PA we know that any patients who have suffered a gout attack would be very interested to know what they need to do to prevent another one. Food plays an important role in this and other podiatric conditions. In honor of National Nutrition Month, we’d like to take a look at the food/feet connection.

Gout Triggers

Gout is an arthritic condition that most often strikes the joint of the big toe. It occurs when an excessive amount of uric acid builds up in the body and then crystallizes in the joint, causing extreme pain, swelling, and warmth around the joint. Uric acid is a byproduct of purines—a chemical found naturally in the body and also in certain foods. Patients prone to gout may find that one or more of the following foods can trigger a gout attack:

  • Shellfish (clams, shrimp, lobster, mussels, oysters, etc.)

  • Red meat

  • Organ meats

  • Rich sauces

  • Brandy, beer, other alcoholic beverages

If you have had an episode of gout, it’s important that our podiatrist, Dr. Darlyne Cange, examine your toe and foot. The foot doctor will be able to advise you regarding dietary changes and other possible treatments for gout.

Food and Feet

There are other ways what you eat can impact the health of your feet.

  • Your weight. What you eat and how much obviously affects your weight. It’s important for your feet that you maintain an appropriate weight. Carrying excess pounds can raise your risk for foot pain and make conditions such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis substantially worse.

  •  Inflammatory disorders. Research has increasingly shown that food can increase or decrease the body’s inflammatory response. If you have arthritis, tendonitis or another condition that causes pain and discomfort due to inflammation, ask the foot doctor if your diet could impact your level of inflammation.

  • Diabetes and other diseases. Having too much sugar in your diet can lead to an increased risk for developing diabetes—a systemic disease that impedes circulation to your feet and can result in neuropathy. Dietary choices can also raise or decrease your chances of developing heart disease, hypertension, and other diseases.

Good nutrition is important for your feet and your overall health. To learn more ways your lifestyle impacts your podiatric health, contact our Glen Burnie (410-684-5934) or Ellicott City (410-680-8357) office.