Don’t Give Up when Facing Warts


Plantar warts can be a stubborn and uncomfortable foot condition to have. They are generally caused by a viral infection and develop on the bottom of the foot. Plantar warts show up as thick growths that can become sensitive to the pressure placed on them. Since you may be stepping on them repeatedly throughout the day, they tend not to protrude from the skin much. Instead, they are typically flattened and round in shape. They are usually not hazardous but can be uncomfortable and take a long time to be fully gone without the right treatment.

Since children have a lowered ability to fight infections, they are more vulnerable to developing warts than adults. Children can feel pain when walking with this condition since their feet have not yet developed to the point where they can avoid significant pain with ease.

There are several treatment methods available for tackling plantar warts:

●       Use appropriate medicines designed to end the spread of warts, such as the antiviral types. 

●       Get freezing techniques that use technology that freezes the outer layer and thereafter allows for warts to be scraped off. This can be done with liquid nitrogen applied directly to the wart.

●       Laser treatment is another method that can be used by burning off warts with ease and attacking anything under the top layer of skin of the wart.        

Here at Cange Podiatry Inc., our podiatrist, Darlyne Cange, DPM, understands the significance of warts and the annoyance they can bring to your feet. If you are experiencing warts that are stubborn and won’t go away, then please contact us today to make an appointment! We are located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, and look forward to providing you with tailored and targeted treatment that can eradicate or lessen the number of warts you have in a safe and effective manner!