Lift the Pressure of Corns


When you hear “corn,” you’re most likely thinking about the kind you eat, perhaps in a summer corn chowder or cornbread. Unfortunately, the corns that we specialize in here at Cange Podiatry Inc. develop on your feet and are not as pleasant.

What are they?

Corns start out as thin layers of dead skin on the feet and can become hard or soft. They can form between toes or on the top of them. They can become painful from infections or from the pressure they create on the skin. Diabetics have to be especially careful when they develop corns, as the lack of sensation caused by nerve damage in the feet can lead to unnoticed infections.

What causes them?

They can be caused by

●       deformities in the foot that causes unbalanced pressure in certain areas

●       poorly-fitting shoes

●       excessive time on the feet at work or during high-intensity activities

To avoid having to see undergo significant treatment, it’s best to take preventative measures early on.

Treatment and management for corns include:

●       Refraining from removing them on your own. A podiatrist can file them down using sterile instruments with care, making sure not to cause any additional infection when doing so. This will also help to diminish compression below the layers of dead skin on your feet.

●       Wearing the right type of shoes to reduce pressure and friction placed on the feet. Use shoes with soft, natural materials and low heels to avoid pressure on the feet.

●       Surgical procedures are an option but are not used frequently with corns as they likely will not prevent corns from coming back. If surgery is used, however, it will be accomplished by correcting the toe’s deformity and repairing any abnormal foot mechanics.

Cange Podiatry Inc. is located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, where our foot and ankle doctor, Darlyne Cange, DPM, has been treating corns for a long time and can provide you with a tailored treatment plan. For questions, more information, or an appointment, please contact us!