Bunions are Definitely Bad

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Bunions can simply be an annoyance or something that causes significant pain for your feet depending on their severity and deformity. Bunions typically start forming on the joint of the big toe and then become large due to repetitive pressure that is placed on the big toes from wearing poorly fitting shoes or other causes of friction. When this happens, the big toe joint gets larger and sticks out significantly. Generally, the side of a bunion turns red due to the irritation it undergoes. This is why wearing close-fitting, slender shoes can exacerbate the condition since they cause toes to bend due to the bigger size of the toe with the bunion on it. Shoes with raised heels can also make bunions prominent because the big toe stays bent toward the toe next to it. If you decide to view bunions as minor inconveniences and ignore discomfort, they can become swollen and painful and worsen.                                               

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Wearing shoes that have wide toe boxed regions to make sure that the toes have ample space, are not pressed against each other, and do not further the development of bunions!
  • Placing pads over the bunions to mitigate the amount of friction applied directly to the bunion. 
  • Placing orthotics in your shoes to reduce the pressure applied to the front of the foot.
  • Anti-inflammatories to assist with reducing swelling.
  • A form of treatment that’s reserved for highly problematic scenarios is surgery. This will be used to put the toe back in its normal position. It may also be used to correct genetic deformities that may be adding to your vulnerability to bunions.

At Cange Podiatry Inc., located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, our foot doctor, Darlyne Cange, DPM, can treat your bunions with care, effectiveness, and with state of the art methods! Please contact us for an appointment or more information so that we can provide you with an exceptional experience that your toes will be grateful for!