Managing Foot Blisters


We’ve all experienced the pain and discomfort of blisters forming on our feet, whether it’s wearing your new pair of shoes or walking in heels for hours. They develop in areas of the feet that sustain a high amount of pressure, which is common in athletes or those involved in other high-intensity activities due to the high level of friction occurring on the feet. They typically heal with some antibiotic cream and bandaging but can become infected or lead to other complications such as sepsis if not treated properly.

How do blisters form?

Blisters form when the top three layers of the skin become wounded and separate, creating a fluid-filled pocket meant to protect the skin underneath from further damage. The resulting blister is often painful and can impede mobility.

Factors that increase the likelihood of developing blisters include friction, damp environments, abnormal foot shapes like flat feet, infections, burns, sunburns or heat. Athletes, especially runners, are subject to repetitive motions that can lead to friction between their shoes and feet, so prevention is key.

The best ways to prevent and manage your blisters include the following:

●       Keep your feet dry.

●       Use shoes that fit appropriately with socks and that do not retain moisture to reduce the occurrence of blistering.

●       Wear orthotics to correct any abnormal foot mechanics.

●       Place padding into your shoes to help to prevent friction against the feet.

●       Keep blisters clean, covered, and dry. 

●       Do not break the blister. This can cause it to become infected.

●       Seek medical attention faster for bigger blisters so that a medical professional can conclude the best course of action.

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