Ankle Fractures Can Throw Off Your Balance


An ankle fracture happens when the bones of the ankle joint cracks or breaks as a result from an excessive force. It usually occurs as the foot rolls outward from a fall, trip, or can also result from trauma directly on the bone. When an ankle fracture occurs, proper attention is needed right away or serious issues like arthritis may develop.

Factors leading to ankle fractures include:

●       sudden turns that cause the ankle to twist

●       a severe injury resulting from a fall

●       losing balance or from

●       over extending the ankle joint

If you happen to experience severe ankle pain that goes up to your knee, you may have sustained some form of ankle fracture. Other common symptoms include inflammation or bruising of your ankle.

Treatment for fractured ankles includes:

●       Utilizing a cast to keep your ankle isolated during healing. Similarly, keeping pressure off of the injured ankle is also vital.

●       Using support devices such as crutches or wheelchairs that can assist with making sure your ankle does not have any weight applied to it. Depending on the type of fracture, the ability to resume normal activity on the injured ankle will vary.

●       Using a splint until swelling has subsided. The type of splint for use with your ankle will depend on the severity and type of ankle fracture you sustained. 

●       Surgical procedures to realign the fractured ankle bones. This is especially true if the fracture is major and compound (the bone sticks out of the surrounding skin).

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