Calluses Got You Considering Treatment?


The development of calluses can be something perplexing, to say the least. You may think they are something good because of the way they protect your skin. They do actually develop as portions of thickened skin on the feet produced by abrasion to protect the skin underneath from succumbing to deeper injuries. Calluses are usually found on the bottom of the foot or on the heel since they take most of the pressure produced during walking or running. Because calluses are dense, there may be additional stress created on the skin. They can form from deformities in the foot or through the improper choice of shoes. Calluses can be painful since they can break open and bleed. This can be a huge problem for those with diabetes as it can become severely infected and lead to complications for the whole foot.

Treatment for this condition includes:

●       Make sure you wear shoes that fit correctly so that your feet do not rub against the insides of them. Your footwear should have wide toe boxes, vaster deepness and lowered heels (if any). This will also lessen forces on the bottom of the foot that can eventually lead to the build-up of calluses.

●       Try not to spend long periods of time on your feet if you have developed significant calluses.

●       You can file the calluses with a stone to remove outer dead skin. Your feet should first be soaked in warm water.

●       Place orthotics in your shoes to reduce the amount of pressure on your calluses.

●       Medicated creams and ointments are also helpful in getting rid of dead skin tissues.

At Cange Podiatry Inc., located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, our foot doctor, Darlyne Cange, DPM, will be able to provide your feet with advanced treatment methods so you can kiss your calluses goodbye! For high quality foot care, contact us to make an appointment with our offices and we will help your feet overcome any pain that calluses may be causing you.