Orthotics Are Simply The Best!


Orthotics are so amazing that it’s hard to put into words. But let’s try anyway! They are supportive inserts placed inside of shoes that work by helping your feet maintain a neutral position. This may sound boring, but any small change in the position of your feet can make huge differences throughout the rest of your body. By helping your feet to stay in the optimal position, your legs and upper body will benefit soon after while reducing potential heel pain.

Custom orthotics are where the real relief comes from. They provide support for the arch, help to spread your weight consistently along the foot, and reduce the amount of pressure that’s applied to your feet on a daily basis. They may feel different at first but will provide newfound comfort and support as your foot becomes accustomed to them. Our custom orthotics are created by making molds of your feet and created with long-lasting, durable materials. They can be made to help the problems associated with your specific feet. So why not get them?

Custom orthotics help in the following ways:

●       The custom-molding of orthotics will help to fit the specific contours of your feet and provide an experience that beats any over the counter similar device.

●       These devices can help to protect and support foot deformities that cannot be corrected by any other means.

●       Orthotics can provide much needed cushioning after long periods of time standing on your feet.

●       They can also help to fix mechanical problems and control irregular motion when walking.

At Cange Podiatry Inc., our foot doctor, Darlyne Cange, DPM, can provide your feet with custom orthotics that can help to make a big difference in your daily stride. Please make an appointment with our offices located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD and get your feet feeling better sooner than you think!