Extinguish Foot Odor


Do you suffer from foot odor? The potential for infections, not to mention embarrassment, should be enough to make anyone seek treatment immediately. Many people mistakenly think that foot odor has to do solely with personal hygiene, but the truth is, it can affect anyone, even those who wash their feet diligently.

Potential causes

The problem is rooted in the bacteria or the fungus that breed on the feet and shoes. These may have been spread through contact in public places like gyms and locker rooms. Specific bacteria can cause this foot odor when they come into contact with the perspiration on your feet. Moreover, they thrive in dark and moist locations such as in your shoes! As the bacteria and sweat on your feet break down, foul odor is released.

Bad odor from your feet could be a sign that you are developing complications such as fungal toenails or athlete’s foot. Once that happens, you will have a new foot ailment to deal with. Therefore, it is always best to treat foot odor with the same concern as other foot injuries since it can lead to some serious (and potentially embarrassing) complications when not treated timely. Your foot doctor is an expert in all foot and ankle-related issues, so your first step should be to schedule an appointment. Once your podiatrist confirms a diagnosis, the following may be recommended:

●       Make sure your feet are cleaned on a daily basis by washing them thoroughly with soap and then drying them, particularly between the toes.

●       Also make sure your feet are dry when wearing socks or shoes. If your feet sweat excessively, change socks to prevent the buildup of odor causing bacteria or fungus.

●       Spray the insides of your shoes with antifungal solution. Sterilizing your shoes will also prevent the breeding of the harmful pathogens that cause odor.

Get help from our foot doctor

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