Be Prepared for Peripheral Neuropathy


Peripheral neuropathy is a condition which results in reduced feeling in the body’s extremities and that plagues many of our patients at Cange Podiatry, Inc. People who suffer from diabetes often develop this condition, as abnormal blood sugar levels damage the peripheral nerves in the body. Physical trauma and alcohol can also have harmful effects on the nerves of the foot. Issues with the body’s nerves often go unnoticed or ignored, so knowing the symptoms are important to prevent permanent damage.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy include a constant aching pain, burning, numbness, decreased coordination, and muscle tiredness. Also, peripheral neuropathy may cause a lessened ability to move the toes due to the damage caused to these nerves. This limitation can significantly limit the function of your toes, which poses a risk for falls and other injuries. It is imperative that if you notice any symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy, that you obtain treatment from a foot doctor as soon as possible to mitigate damage. Waiting too long could produce long-lasting negative effects.

Treatment methods

●       Participate in physical therapy to assist with controlling nerve pain. Doing this regularly can increase blood flow to the feet.

●       Use medications that can help to slow down the effects of peripheral neuropathy.

●       Try undergoing electronic nerve stimulation as it can help to manage overacting nerves and reduce pain.

●       Use supportive devices such as casts and splints for support and to alleviate pain.

●       Surgical procedures could be used if nerve pain is so severe that there are no other ways to control it. These procedures will remove the overacting nerve so that it will no longer cause spontaneous discomfort.

Here at Cange Podiatry Inc., our podiatrist, Darlyne Cange, DPM, will provide the best course of treatment for your peripheral neuropathy and will help you manage your uncomfortable and painful symptoms. If you are experiencing peripheral neuropathy or have questions about nerve issues, contact us for an appointment today! We are located in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD, and can provide the very the best treatment for your foot and ankle issues. Don’t wait another moment and make the choice to keep your toes in the best shape possible!