The Truth About Flat Feet


Let’s face it: certain parts of the body are talked about more often than others. We may look and talk about each other’s differing eyes or hairstyle and color, but how often do we talk about feet and their variety of shapes? The truth is, feet also come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to talk about them, especially if they may be causing you discomfort! When it comes to arch shape, there are 3 general types: flat, high, and normal. If your arches are flat in shape and touch the floor when you stand normally, you have flat feet, which can often lead to foot and ankle issues.

Types of Flat Feet

Flat feet cover two types of groups: rigid and flexible. Rigid flat feet have arches that are flat no matter what position or activity your feet are engaged in. Flexible flat feet have arches that fall as weight is placed on them when walking. Flat feet can be hereditary or may develop with age; some children may never develop an arch, which leads to permanent flat feet.

Common Causes

The following people tend to be at higher risk of developing flat feet.

Those who:

●       stand on their feet for prolonged amounts of time throughout the day

●       are obese

●       have diabetes or that have other chronic conditions like arthritis

●       sustaining trauma

●       old age

When flat feet are not treated timely, it can mean that your feet will sustain long-lasting foot pain and other issues since the arch assists with many important functions of mobility.

Treatment for this condition includes:

●       Use shoes that have great arch support to create an improved arch shape.

●       Take medications as required to reduce pain and inflammation. 

●       Place orthotics in your shoes to lower the amount of pressure placed on your arches. These foot support devices help to route pain-causing forces associated with everyday-walking, away from sensitive areas of your feet.

If you experience any pain or discomfort associated with flat feet, the first step is to see a trusted podiatrist. Here at Cange Podiatry Inc., our expert podiatrist, Darlyne Cange, DPM, knows what it takes to bring relief to your fallen arches. Contact us for an appointment today at our offices in Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD. Our foot doctor has extensive experience treating flat feet and will work with your specific feet to ensure that you get the support your feet deserve.