Ankle Fractures Break Your Stride


Ankle fractures can happen suddenly and cause significant, lasting pain. Although there are many circumstances that can lead to an ankle fracture, all of them result in an excessive force on the ankle bone, causing it to break. The ankle can be injured in the following ways:

●       twisting or rotating the ankle

●       tripping or falling

●       rolling the ankle

●       direct trauma

The varying ways an ankle can break are categorized into several types of breaks depending on the number and location of the breaks, many of which affect the ligaments as well. You may experience any of the following symptoms as a result of the break:

●       pain

●       swelling

●       bruising

●       blisters over the fractured area

●       bones piercing through the skin

●       inability to bear weight

Without proper and prompt treatment, these injuries can result in long-term complications such as arthritis in the future. Take it from our expert podiatrist at Cange Podiatry Inc. that it is imperative to take proper care of your fractured bones.

Foot doctor Dr. Darlyne Cange may recommend the following treatment methods:

●       Use a cast or special boot to make sure your fractured ankle remains stable and isolated to promote healing.

●       Refrain from bearing any weight on your fractured ankle.

●       In severe cases that involve shifting of the bones, surgery will likely be required. The extent to how significant the break in your ankle was will determine the type of surgical intervention required. Procedures will include the use of special hardware to secure the bones. Recovery can vary depending on the extent of the fracture and the health of the patient.

Here at Cange Podiatry Inc., Dr. Cange, DPM, treats all of your ankle injuries with the utmost care and provides quality results for the benefit of your foot and ankle health. If you have an ankle injury, or any other foot or ankle issue, contact us at our Ellicott City and Glen Burnie, MD locations. We will do our best to ensure that your ankle returns to its normal health while minimizing pain during recovery! Don’t waste another moment taking action for your ankles, and schedule an appointment today!